Seeing a Difference

by Kaitlin McAfee

Volunteering for T.A.S.C

I started my community service this year (2015). My earliest memory of service is helping at Autumn’s Reride. Where a leader and I helped clean stalls, as well as feed and water the horses. There’s nothing I haven’t liked about volunteering my hours at T.A.S.C, it’s a good place to volunteer. They give you a lot of variety on the projects you can help on and they try to make the availability work for everyone. I enjoy getting to see the direct difference I make to that person or to the community when I volunteer my hours. Which is the same reason I would personally rather volunteer my hours, when you see the direct impact your work has on someone else, it also impacts your life.

Inspiration is everything

My friend inspires me to push myself and do better for myself. He inspires me because he completely moved across the country just for a new adventure. In Colorado, he is following his dreams. He inspires me because he doesn’t take no for an answer. He has gotten opportunities that people hope to get one day. He has been on the stage with rappers and rapped alongside them. My friend has his own inspiration board with his dreams and goals on how he wants his life to go. He has his own shows that people can go to, makes his own music and so forth.

What would you fix first?

If one thing could completely be solved by tomorrow, I would choose to stop all of the wars. I pick this because we lose so many people because of war. Families become incomplete and broken. Children have to grow up without a mom or without a dad. Children become confused when that person never comes home. Some adults cannot cope with a death of a loved one. It affects people mentally and emotionally. We should not be killing other people, but instead come to a resolution through words.

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