Programs Overview

The programs offered at TASC are designed to be restorative and empowering to teens. TASC is committed to walking along side teens in their journey to help them achieve their goals.

There is an assumption about teens that once they make a mistake, that's it. But at TASC, we say, "Okay. You made a mistake. What did you learn and how we can help you to make better choices moving forward?" 

We are dedicated to the idea that teens are not only our future but our present and we are here to support them through our various programs. 

Our Programs


Our program for volunteer service. All teens are welcome to come serve with us on a variety of local projects.


First Steps

Our program for teens who are pregnant or currently parenting. 


The Closet

Our program for the collection of resource initiatives that meet the needs of teens in NWA. 


Teen Thrive

Our program for teens with housing insecurity and other hardships.



Our program for counseling, mediation services and support groups to help teen and families. 


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